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God's Vagina 2  **BP Zine Awards 2019 NOMINEE**

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God's Vagina 2 **BP Zine Awards 2019 NOMINEE**

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God's Vagina 2
By Courtney Toderash
(Toronto, Ontario)

NOMINEE 2019 Best Political Zine

From the author: 

In this new green planet, women are doing some of the most exciting and challenging work with cannabis. They are the natural world and the other worldly.

God’s Vagina II is a smoky haze of personal stories that cover:

-The effects of cannabis on sex life and presence in one’s body
-The experience of a female budtender
-The plant in art production
-A conversation with the maker of Highnoon pipes
-Cannabis in birthing and pregnancy
-Weed as a guide in spirituality and divination
-Chronic pain and medicinal cannabis use
-Cannabis usage in the trans community
-Weed and its new inlands to cultural production

These are intimate conversations that could be coming from the closest circle of women passing around a pipe. In the spirit of counter culture cannabis, God’s Vagina II presents voices and aesthetic that refuses to participate and bow to the new commercialization; not allowing these stories to be overshadowed by the man. God’s Vagina isn’t just a strain, it’s a way to be.

Created by Courtney Toderash
Photography by Katrina Cervoni and Chelsea Hirons

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