About the BP Community

Welcome to Broken Pencil

Hello! Broken Pencil is a magazine and not-for-profit organization that is devoted to the celebration of zine culture and the independent arts. Each issue presents the best in zines, small press, comics and the independent/underground press including 100s of reviews plus excerpts, editor's picks, original fiction and more!

To learn more about Broken Pencil, what we do, how to contact us and how to submit work for review or publication go here.

Membership in the Broken Pencil Community:

All subscriptions to Broken Pencil magazine include membership in the BP community. The Broken Pencil membership includes:

*Members only content online -- this is content from the magazine and exclusive original material only for members.

*The BP book club -- the BP book club will run annually starting in 2017.

*Discounts on various products and services (starting in 2017).

*A free song of the month.

*Premium access to events and workshops.

*Online chats and meetups.

*For publishers: Access to the BP Zine Store (coming in 2017).

Broken Pencil is always looking for new ways to grow our community and provide our subscribers with more.  If you have any suggestions or ideas for the Broken Pencil community, let us know at subs@brokenpencil.com