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Book Bundle - The Archaeologists + The Program

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Niedzviecki books

Book Bundle - The Archaeologists + The Program

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Get both novels by BP Founder Hal Niedzviecki for $12

The Archaeologists - When bones are discovered in suburban Wississauga, lives intersect: Bored, recently married June is sure they are the remains of an ancient warrior, calling out to her. Drug dealer Tim thinks they're the bones of his missing mother. Professional activist Susan wants to use the bones to advance indigenous land rights and stop a planned road. In this hilarious, angry, ultimately tragic novel, Niedzviecki explores the overlapping demands and intersecting outrages that characterize modern life.

The Program is a unique work of stark humour and pathos that seduces its readers into the world of advertising guru Maury Stern. Through chain restaurants, forest reserves, Zionist summer camps, abandoned amusement parks and eastern European shtetls, the novel chases a mystery: what happened to Maury’s son, Danny, the night he was left alone with his uncle.

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