Issue 96: World Gone Sick

Issue 96: World Gone Sick

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Issue 96: World Gone Sick

Grant Ionatán (aka HTML Flowers) believed a lifelong struggle with illness and isolation would have prepared them. That their experiences with Cystic Fibrosis would act as some “mutant power” when the rest of the world joined them in a health crisis. The artist’s confrontation with a world gone sick proved to be far more challenging.

In our Summer issue, we explore the many ways art, artists, zines and scenes evolved in a planet compromised by pandemic. How communities made due, crafted new spaces, wedging into even the most commercial virtual platforms and subverted them for their own devices. On top of the cover feature on Grant Ionatán, this issue also includes:

  • How Club Quarantine kept the party going
  • Taking a joy ride with Racer Trash
  • Bre “brattyxbre” Upton and developing zine scene on TikTok
  • A farewell to Taddle Creek
  • An interview with The Work of Living author Maximillian Alvarez on how COVID tore through the workforce
  • Jim Shedden’s collection of ephemera
  • The art of making a community fridge
  • v buckenham wants to turn your zine into a video game